TBWC February 2015 Newsletter

Feb 2015 TBWC News:

What about the Drought?

Drought widget Feb 2015
February 20, 2015 Drought Meter for the Trinidad area

The Trinidad Bay Watershed Council presents the latest news from the Trinidad Bay Watersheds. We received some nice rain in December and February, however the drought is not over yet. California is still in one of the most severe droughts in recorded history.

This edition of the Trinidad Bay Watershed News provides you with a variety of information to help you prepare for the next dry season and alleviate some of the impacts due to the historic drought facing California and out Trinidad Bay coastal watersheds.


TBWC June 2014 Newsletter

In this June 2014 TBWC News Fish Festival Issue, the Trinidad Bay Watershed Council (TBWC) is pleased to share all the latest news from the Trinidad Bay Watersheds and to celebrate with you at the Trinidad Fish Festival. Right now, we’re focused on fish and clean water. We can prevent pollution by adopting good habits for car care and yard work, by picking up after our pets, maintaining our septic systems and keeping trash in its proper place.

It takes all of us to keep our watersheds beautiful, the waters clean and the fish plentiful.