About TBWC

The mission of the Trinidad Bay Watershed Council (TBWC) is to work collaboratively to improve and maintain the watersheds, coastal waters, communities in the Trinidad and Westhaven area for the benefit of all community members.

TBWC Meetings are held quarterly in January, April, July and October (or November). We discuss watershed issues, provide input on proposed projects, hear partner updates, and plan watershed-related activities. All are welcome to attend our meetings.

Trinidad Bay Watershed Council Goals

  • Participate in the development, implementation and evaluation of the Trinidad-Westhaven Integrated Coastal Watershed Management Plan (Watershed Plan).
  • Provide input and participate in the updates of the Humboldt County General Plan and the City of Trinidad General Plan.
  • Foster partnerships and coordination with local community members, state and federal agencies, and other local & regional water resource related efforts.
  • Develop and support opportunities for economic and community development that improve well-being for residents, the community, local businesses and the coastal ecosystem.
  • Promote stewardship of the land, natural and cultural resources in the Trinidad Bay coastal area through education, outreach, and technical and financial assistance.
  • Promote improvement and maintenance of public and private roads in the Trinidad Bay Watersheds through work with the County, the City of Trinidad, landowners, businesses and community members.

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News from the Watersheds

Create your own Ocean Friendly Garden

Humboldt Surfrider, the City of Trinidad and the Trinidad Bay Watershed Council are teaming up to assist community members with creating their own Ocean Friendly Garden (OFG) to improve wildlife habitat and water quality.  The City received funding from the Ocean Protection Council to develop an Ocean Friendly Gardening Program including a rebate program for […]

Discuss Fungi and Ocean Friendly Gardening at July 11 TBWC meeting

Learn about about gardening and landscaping techniques to promote healthier watersheds, oceans and beaches at the Trinidad Bay Watershed Council meeting Tuesday, July 11 from 6:30 to 8:30 p. m. at Ned Simmons Gallery behind the Library, 380 Janis Court in Trinidad. The meeting will kick off with a walk through the Trinidad Museum Native […]

Ocean Friendly Gardens Incentive Program

Installing an Ocean Friendly Garden will help protect Trinidad Bay reduce water used for irrigation and enhance wildlife habitat.   Ocean Friendly Gardens use techniques including directing rainwater appropriately, soil improvement,  and selecting native plants that reduce the need to use garden chemicals and irrigation. The City of Trinidad, Humboldt Surfrider and GHD are teaming […]

Two grant proposals for $5.17 million to benefit Trinidad Bay

Storm water runoff from the City streets in the lower part of Trinidad, the harbor parking lot, and the HSU Marine Lab flow into Trinidad Bay without being treated.  Bacteria, metals and other pollutants in untreated storm water runoff threaten water quality and public health.  The State Water Board’s Storm Water Grant Program recently recommended […]

Trinidad Invasive Knotweed Presentation

Invasive Knotweed Early Detection, Rapid Response Presentation 5 p. m. Tuesday July 19 at Trinidad Town Hall See listing and flyer in Upcoming Events. Join Redwood Community Action Agency for a presentation regarding current efforts to eradicate this highly aggressive invasive plant from the Trinidad area. Topics to be discussed are site locations, identification, herbicide […]

Participate in a Trinidad Seabird Citizen Science Project

Take part in a Trinidad Seabird Citizen Science Project, a citizen science monitoring effort for seabirds of the Trinidad California Coastal National Monument.  Humboldt State University professor Dan Barton and graduate student Shannon Murphy provide information about how to participate in seabird monitoring along the Trinidad coast this summer.  Contribute to North Coast seabird conservation while […]

Draft Climate Change Vulnerability Report Presented at TBWC Meeting

The Trinidad Bay Watershed Council and the City of Trinidad invite the public, agencies and other stakeholders to a presentation and discussion of the draft document Climate Change Vulnerability Report and Adaptation Response during our upcoming Trinidad Bay Watershed Council meeting on Tuesday, April 26 at 6:30 pm at the Civic Club Room at City […]

Septic System Upgrade Programs Discussed at TBWC Meeting Monday January 25

Monday January 25, 6:30 pm at Trinidad Town Hall, the Trinidad Bay Watershed Council invites Trinidad and Westhaven residents to hear a presentation and discussion of several topics including the Septic System (OWTS) Upgrade Assistance Program.  In addition to the assistance provided through the Clean Beaches Initiative Grant Program, several other financing programs will be […]